Annual Report 2003

Annual Report 2003


With the adoption of the National Strategy for Administrative Development and the alignment of the UN Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF) goal on Enhancing Decision Making Capacity with OMSAR’s mandate, a new generation of UNDP assistance was initiated in 2002 and formalized in early 2003. This assistance focused on realizing a results-oriented framework project entitled “Support to Civil Service Reform: Enhancing Policy Making and Management Capacity” to help OMSAR in better targeting and sustaining results. The framework was formulated by the members of the TCU and IDU teams in a participatory process, which consisted of three phases of analysis and deliberations:
1) taking stock of the lessons (strengths and weakness) of the previous phase, reviewing functions legislated to OMSAR in the previous years and anticipated ones to come; and the national context for reform;
2) an analysis of national objectives, outcomes, baseline indicators and projected outputs using the Results Based Management Approach adopted by UNDP; and
3) identifying the indicative activities and inputs of the project and the drafting of this document.  

The project formulation strategy also focused on four key axes of intervention and/or functions for OMSAR:
1) Institutional Development,

2) Coordination,

3) Legislative, and

4) ICT 

Collectively, these functions are expected to achieve the identified national objectives and outcomes and project indicative activities which will form the basis for annual OMSAR performance reports. 

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