The Citizen's Charter

The Citizen's Charter


The attempts of the administrative reform have witnessed during the past decade, especially in advanced countries, an important changeover represented by giving priority to the public administration-citizen relationship and by focusing on the problem of improving the relation between the state and the citizens through meeting their needs and offering them optimum services.

In an attempt to fulfill the new trend as regards the administration-citizen   partnership, many countries turned to various approaches including the introduction of the Citizen's Charter which is an official document that determines the citizen's rights and obligations in his relation with the administration. In most cases, the Citizen's Charter seeks to achieve the following main goals: consolidate the administration's democratic trend and to comply with the system of the rule of law, achieve the principle of transparency and the responsibility of the public administration towards the citizen, protect the citizen from the administration's abuse of power, reinforce the relations between the state and the citizens and restore trust in the state, improve the quality of services provided by the state.

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