National eStrategy

National eStrategy



The National eStrategy proposal is presented in 8 major documents. 
Cover Document
This is the cover document of the main deliverables of the National e-Strategy for Lebanon technical assistance project prepared during the course of 2003, for OMSAR and UNDP.

Executive Summary
This is the Executive Summary outlining the major pillars of the vision and the proposed ways to reach the desired goals.

The National eStrategy for Lebanon
This is the main document where the rationale, objectives and the eStrategy are presented. 

The eReadiness Assessment
An analysis of eReadiness criteria for Lebanon based on a survey carried out by the Consulting Team. The survey resulted in a comprehensive eReadiness Assessment.  

The ICT Policies
The document presents the thirty-two policies proposed as vehicles for instating the National eStrategy. 

The policies are the statements of requirements of the National eStrategy.  The objectives and goals of each policy are clearly defined. 

The policies are grouped under seven initiatives:

1- Closing the eReadiness Gap
2- Improving the National Commitment
3- Improving the ICT sector
4- Develop Human Capacity
5- Use ICT for Social Development
6- Use ICT for Economic and Business Development
7- Enact eGovernment 

The Implementation Roadmap
The document proposes the implementation plan or roadmap for the National eStrategy for Lebanon. It discusses related issues such as roles, challenges, critical success factors and implementation best practices.

The implementation of the National eStrategy shall be carried out in six phases:

1- Define a national entity responsible for the implementation 
2- Gain the consensus of champions and stakeholders
3- Define specific project plans
4- Implement pre-requisite programs and solutions
5- Implement priority programs and solutions
6- Monitor and evaluate the implementation 

Programs, Solutions and Recommendations
Proposals for around 100 programs, solutions and recommendations are presented in detail. 

These recommendations constitute the practical strategic approach contribution of the project; whereby the implementation of any of these solutions would contribute to the objectives of the national strategy and to the inclusion in the Information society in conformance to the vision.

National eStrategy Framework for Lebanon 
The document summarizes the National E-Strategy required for the establishment of a knowledge-based society in Lebanon and defines a framework for the development of an export-oriented ICT industry. It builds on the seven documents, prepared during the course of 2003, for a National e-Strategy proposal for Lebanon.

The document provides the required justification and the analysis of the strengths, weaknesses, challenges, and opportunities that Lebanon’s National E-Strategy should be based on.  It presents the impact of the technological and institutional trends on Lebanon’s competitive position in the regional and global economy. It identifies the country’s E-readiness gaps for the establishment of an e-society and recommends key priority areas for the next three to five years. Finally, it presents the long-term direction of the required national E-Strategy and the role and responsibility of various parties in its implementation and financing.

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