OMSAR’s vision is to be the pioneer of administrative modernization and catalyst for an efficient, effective, transparent and accountable Lebanese public sector 
In practical terms, from the perspective of the day-to-day life and needs of Lebanese citizens, OMSAR’s Vision represents OMSARs’ commitment and dedication for a national public sector that is characterised by 2017 with: 
Integrity and zero tolerance to corruption; 
Responsive, effective and efficient operations of user-oriented public administration; 
Responsible, open and transparent operations of the public administration; 
Efficient use of human, financial, spatial, environmental and energy resources; 
Professionalism and development of professional competence and employees innovation; 
Improved legislation and simplified procedures with reduced legislative burdens; 
Efficient informatics, with increased use of e-services, digitalization and interoperability of information; and 
Quality systems for planning and measuring performance


OMSAR, the Office of Minister of State for Administrative Reform is a government entity that leads the transformation to a citizen-centric and performance-oriented public sector by promoting and deploying innovative modern policies and methodologies that develop the Lebanese administration and engage citizens through: 
Good governance: institutional development programs; anti-corruption initiatives, draft laws and regulations; 
Digital transformation programs and solutions; 
Capacity building of public sector organizations, CSOs and municipalities. 
Our work will be carried out in close collaboration and in partnership with all the relevant national and international organizations for the benefit of the Lebanese citizens.