Support to the administrative, financial, HR, strategic planning, procurement, and automation to the establishment of the TSEZ.
OMSAR does not only provide technical support and assistance to established public entities, but also assist newly established public entities in defining their business models, and necessary technical frameworks and means to manage their operations effectively. 
In this regard, the TA to TSEZ project helped the TSEZ in defining its business model, its operation framework, and its IT infrastructure design.

Overall Objective
Develop well integrated Management Framework that helps TSEZ to administer its operations effectively and efficiently and fulfill its mandate and global mission

Specific Objective
- Develop TSEZ Operation framework including: financial, administrative and human resource workflows, policies, systems, procedures and processes.
- IT infrastructure design and systems specifications.
- Document Management System
- Research three successful business models, and selecting TSEZ business model
- Website update

Methodology Adopted
- Capture TSEZ strategy 
- Identify all Stakeholders players 
- Have access to SEZ expertise and know-hows
- Identify SEZ practices and guidelines, 
- Develop a set of overarching business, HR, Finance and IT architecture that help in administrating TSEZ operation effectively and efficiently. 
Source of Fund: Arab Fund

Type of activity: Support to the administrative, financial, HR, strategic planning, procurement and automation to the establishment of TSEZ

Contract value: $ 443,500.00

Closing date: Oct-19

Achievements, Milestones, Deliverables: 
-    TSEZ Operation Framework developed (financial, administrative and HR workflows, policies, systems, procedures and processes).
-    IT Infrastructure design and systems developed.
-    DMS architectural model developed
-    Modeling and Capturing TSEZ strategy
-    Research three successful business models
-    Selecting TSEZ model 

-    TSEZ Operation framework (ready to use)
-    IT infrastructure design and system (ready to use)
-    DMS architectural model (ready to use)
-    TSEZ model (available to be adopted by beneficiary)
-    Further support in developing the ICT systems designs and deployment of IT systems is necessary