elearning-(1).jpg General Description
The OMSAR’s  e-Learning Portal “BOOST YOURSELF” is a learning medium that targets public sector employees in the Lebanese government. It was launched in October 2016.
Objective: Upgrade the knowledge and skills of public sector employees in management and leadership, MS Office and ICT through new methods of training delivery utilizing technology.
Beneficiaries: The entire public sector.
Source of Fund: Arab Fund
Contract value: USD 835,101of which the remaining amount to be disbursed is: USD 158,102
Achievements, Milestones and Deliverables: 
-1,519 employees have been trained on various soft skills, managerial and ICT topics and on  several customized courses in the fields of strategic planning, civil service regulations, and  citizen service. (4537 trainings);
- Two thousand and eight hundred and seventy-one (2,871) Public Sector employees participated in the project;
- One thousand and five hundred and nineteen (1,519) employees completed at least three e-courses (52.9%);
- Customized courses developed for the Lebanese administration in the areas of: citizen service, strategic planning, civil service regulations (in collaboration with the ENA and it was integrated into their training curriculum), public participation in policy development, and Guiding principles for public procurement;
- The Association of Banks in Lebanon (ABL) has supported the portal with one course in the field of Information Security.

- Ninety-Two percent (92%) of the trainees were highly satisfied/satisfied with the training, which gives an indication that the new learning medium is an efficient training delivery channel;
- Sixty seven percent (7%) of the Active Trainees are accessing their training from home or after working hours which reflects that the trainees are committed to develop themselves;
- Sixty seven percent (67%) have found that the courses offered were relevant to their jobs;
- Ninety five percent (95%) have acquired new knowledge or skills from the OMSAR’s generic course that was the entry-point to the portal.

Due to the success of the project, it was extended from 2019 until 2021. The absorptive capacity was enlarged to provide 2500 licenses. The number of employees who were registered to the portal and renewed their licenses is around 500.

Closing date: Jun-21
Status: ongoing trainees registration and customized courses under development.