General Description
Job description is the cornerstone for all HR functions. It is one of the HR systems that have been developed by OMSAR in agreement with the Civil Service Board (CSB). 

Professionalization of the recruitment, selection, training, mobility and performance evaluation in the Lebanese public sector based on reliable job descriptiions that determine the main tasks and competences of the jobs in the Lebanese public sector.

The entire public sector.

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Achievements, Milestones and Deliverables
-An officially adopted Job Description methodology. The OMSAR has suggested a new job description methodology that is based on the competency-based approach to be followed by the ministries. The new template was agreed upon with the Civil Service Board;

-Representatives of ministries have been coached to draft job descriptions. Intensive meetings and workshops were conducted with the Civil Service Board and a number of ministries to discuss the new template with practical examples;
-The contemporary approach was also built on the previous efforts of OMSAR during which job descriptions for most of the government positions have been documented and several ministries adopted them for their positions up to grade 3. The previous efforts produced 14,930 questionnaires that have been filled out by the employees, excluding the military, diplomatic and educational staff. The output was the adoption of “Task Cards”” for administrative jobs from grade 5 up to grade 1 at the following administrations:

-    Directorate General of Culture
-    Directorate General of Immigrants
-    Ministry of Tourism
-    Ministry of Social Affairs
-    Ministry of Information
-    Directorate General of Agriculture
-    Directorate General of Cooperatives 
-    Ministry of Industry
Currently, the OMSAR and CSB are developing a Directory for Referential Jobs to guide ministries in their HR functions and to standardize the job descriptions that are related to common positions in the Lebanese administration. The next step is to apply the new methodology to specific ministries to describe their specialized jobs, accordingly.

The new approach was part of the “Strengthening HR Capacities Project” and is still ongoing with successive replications. 

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