The Office of the Minister of State for Administrative Reform (OMSAR) was created to help the Lebanese ministries, central bodies, public agencies and municipalities to develop their administrative and technical capacities and ultimately benefit from public administration reform efforts.

Throughout all 25 years of its existence, OMSAR has been working on:
-Identifying, implementing, and evaluating donor-funded projects; 
-conducting administrative and legal studies; 
- Introducing Modern Management techniques 
-simplifying and streamlining work procedures; 
-training civil servants; 
-Implementing and assessing local development projects.

At same time, OMSAR has developed close partnerships with international donors, such as the UNDP, EU, the World Bank, the Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development on one hand, and the Lebanese public administration, public institutions, control agencies, municipalities, Non-Government Organizations and the civil society on the other hand.

Thus, OMSAR has become the prominent entity of the Central Government promoting new laws, policies, programmes, strategies and projects in all areas of the public sector.