Awareness campaign to sort waste from the source


This project was successfully completed


161,810 €

Source of fund:

European Union

Specific Objectives:

The main objective of these campaigns is to encourage citizens to participate in improving waste management in the Lebanese towns and introducing the concept of sustainable development to the civil society by creating environmental awareness and creating a new culture urging citizens to sort from the source in order to mitigate environmental degradation by random disposal of waste. Strengthening the concept of administrative decentralization by involving municipalities and supporting their capacities in waste management.
Scope: Awareness campaigns included the following areas:
Municipalities of Al Marj – Ansar – Al Khiam – Michmich - Federation of Jezzine Municipalities - The municipalities of Baalbek - Municipalities of Metn – Minieh.
All awareness meetings were characterized by a remarkable presence, especially in Minieh.
One of the objectives or results of the awareness campaign is to carry out two statistical studies before and after the campaign, where the difference in waste management, especially in Mishmish, Jezzine and Khiam, has been observed for the better.
Highlighting the problems faced by the citizen has also resulted in difficulties encountered in the awareness campaign.
These are some of the difficulties of the awareness campaign:

  • The unconcern of some municipalities in the problem of waste.
  • Municipal disputes.
  • Administrative weakness in follow-ups.
  • Weakness of funding sources.
  • Change in municipal councils.
  • Lack of citizens' trust in their municipalities.
  • Lack of awareness of the citizen and indifference to waste management.
Some achievements:
  • Spreading the culture of sorting from the source to more than 3,000 people.
  • Definition of good solid waste management.
Additionally, a campaign website was created under the following address:
http: //

Results to be achieved:

  • Strict follow-up by municipalities of screening from source and awareness workshops according to the programs established under the plan.
  • Securing more funding to sustain the campaign.
  • Issuing laws and decrees to encourage sorting from the source and fining violators, including importers of goods charged for treatment based on the "polluter pays" principle.

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