Management of Household Waste belonging to the Union of Municipalities of Byblos (Mount Lebanon)


It was equipped and delivered to the municipality. It is currently working, also the containers and waste collection and transport mechanisms have been delivered.


1,064,897 € for construction and processing + 800,000 USD USAID

Source of fund:

European Union + USAID


The project aims to equip the waste sorting lab located in Habalin with a capacity of 77 tons / day and serve the entire federation, as well as the supply and delivery of containers and mechanisms for the collection and transport of waste. The lab consists of a reception yard, a manual sorting line with special containers for the collection of sorted materials, an automatic magnet to pick up metals, and a grinder for organic materials. The Federation will construct patio-style composting yards.

Results to be achieved:

Rehabilitation of Habalin landfill and establishment of a sanitary landfill in its place.

Not receiving industrial waste to the center.

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