Management of household waste belonging to the municipality of Qabrikha


EUR 170,101 for construction and equipment + 410,625 USD (maintenance and operation)

Source of fund:

The European Union and the Lebanese State (Maintenance and Operation)


Expanding the existing Qabrikha factory by expanding the treatment and maturity areas and providing it with the necessary equipment for operation, especially a manual sorting line, a machine to turn the bog and providing the municipality with mechanisms for transporting waste and containers. The factory serves 6 towns from the Union of Municipalities of Jabal Amel and currently receives 15 tons / day of waste from the municipalities of the Union of Municipalities of Jabal Amel.

Specific Objectives:

  • Expansion and equipping of the plant has been completed and delivered and is currently operational.
  • Transport vehicles and containers were delivered.
  • Maintenance and operation dues are currently being paid.

Results to be achieved:

  • Enlarging the reception, sorting area of waste, and providing it with modern equipment.
  • Create a sanitary landfill for exhausts.
  • Effective and periodic monitoring of the commitment that operates the laboratory and the application of the technical conditions contained in the letter of the Minister No. 602 / r dated 26/11/2012.

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