Management of household waste belonging to the Union of Municipalities of Fayhaa Tripoli


The construction of the plant has been completed and will commence soon. Transportation mechanisms were also purchased and delivered.


€ 1,190,492 for construction and equipment + 2,463,750 USD for maintenance and operation.

Source of fund:

EU + Lebanese State (Maintenance and Operation)


The project aims to establish and equip a waste sorting plant with a capacity of 300 tons / day and supply mechanisms for transporting waste.

Specific Objectives:

The factory includes waste reception areas, a waste bag-opening unit, a manual sorting station and an automatic magnet for picking up metals, waste transport lines and containers for recycled materials and serves 3 municipalities.

Results to be achieved:

  • Establishing a plant for composting organic materials resulting from sorting processes.
  • Create a sanitary landfill for exhausts.
  • Launching a tender for operation and maintenance of the laboratory and effective and periodic monitoring of the commitment that operates the laboratory and the application of the technical conditions contained in the letter of His Excellency the Minister No. 602 / r dated 26/11/2012.

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