Management of household waste belonging to the municipality of Khiam


€ 972,041 for construction and equipment + $ 410,625 (maintenance and operation budget)

Source of fund:

The European Union and the Lebanese State


The project aims to build and equip a sorting and composting plant as well as the purchase and delivery of containers and transport mechanisms for waste, a machine to turn the bog. The lab includes a sorting and composting facility with a capacity of 15 tons / day.

Specific Objectives:

Like the other factories, there is a reception area for waste and spaces for sorting and composting of these wastes, manual sorting lines and organic material separators, using pile technology in the composting facility.
Besides, there are special areas and equipment for treatment, fermentation and screening.
The project serves 20,000 residents within the municipality of Khiam.

  • All containers and trucks has been delivered to the municipality.
  • The lab has been delivered and is currently operational.
  • The municipality has received a contribution from the Office of the Minister of State for Administrative Development for its maintenance and operation for almost two years.

Results to be achieved:

  • Create a sanitary landfill for exhausts.
  • Effective and periodic monitoring of the commitment that operates the laboratory and the application of the technical conditions contained in the letter of the Minister No. 602 / r dated 26/11/2012.

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